The Basics

The premise of the game is that you, the player, control a robot with the goal of navigating it through the hazardous board and touching up to four checkpoints in order. Each turn the players are dealt cards that contain movement instructions (move forward, turn left, back up, etc…), from which they pick five to be their robot’s instructions (read: program) for that turn. Once chosen, the instructions cannot be changed. Once all players have chosen their robot programs, all the robots move at once, pushing and jostling each other in their dash to reach the checkpoints. Frequently, players make mistakes when programming their robots; even more frequently they exchange bouts of cursing. For more details, see the official rules for RoboRally.

RoboRuckus Game

Who We Are

RoboRuckus was created by a group of friends with a passion for board games and making awesome things. We are in no way affiliated or associated with Wizards of the Coast, Avalon Hill, or RoboRally (aside from being big fans), which is wholly owned and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. RoboRuckus is entirely free and open source and licensed under the AGPLv3 or Creative Commons 4 licenses unless otherwise noted. RoboRuckus is very much a work in progress; for the most up-to-date version please see our GitHub repository. Do you want to help? Build your own? Have questions or comments? Please contact us at admin@roboruckus.com, or join our Discord community!